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    Tips by Enemy in the Wardrobe

    Dress to your mood: Colours and their meanings

    Dress to your mood: Colours and their meanings

    It is known that different colours have different psychological meanings and can have a large influence on our behavior and mood throughout the day. The colours we wear on certain days, do not usually represent our favourite shade, however they can tell a lot about what message we want to give to those around us.

    1. Black

    Black is one of the most worn colours and can have lots of different meanings depending on the context. It is the shade of mourning and communicates distance, however, it also stands for power and seriousness. Black is elegant and can be worn in many different forms: as a little black dress, as elegant black heels or a black trench coat. To avoid overdoing the trend, combine dark pieces with colourful accessories or even a touch of white for contrast.

    1. White

    As the opposite of black, white is the shade that creates openness and stands for light and sensitivity. Brides wear white to communicate innocence and purity on their wedding day. Lots of people think, white must therefore not be worn on any other occasions. This view is completely wrong, as a stylish white dress, a pure white blouse or white jacket can be the highlight of any outfit. 

    1. Blue

    Blue is another one of people’s most favourite picks from the palette. Blue comes in many shades and has a variety of meanings. It creates a fresh, clear sense and reminds of ever-flowing water. Navy is a great alternative to black and represents professionalism, trustworthiness and seriousness. It can be combined both with colours and with camel, white or even black. Dress up for a meeting with a navy dress and brown court shoes for the perfect look!

    1. Red

    This is truly and clearly the colour of love and passion. It draws attention and is a strong statement as part of clothing. Choose this colour if you feel feminine and want to show your strong side. Be aware however that red can appear aggressive so be careful not to exaggerate with it. Red can be greatly combined with black or white for a true fashion statement.

    1. Green

    Green is another increasingly popular shade, which appears on the runway season after season. In 2017, leaf green was chosen as colour of the year by Pantone, which made the colour even more sought after.

    If you like colours but are not a fan of bold statement shades, go for emerald, or forest green, which represent nature and create a sense of freshness and style. Green can be best combined with other earth colours (shades that appear in nature) such as browns, and greys. 

    Whatever your style, remember, you can influence your mood and the way others will look at you simply by changing the colours you wear.

    Desk til dawn – an outfit that follows your schedule

    Desk til dawn – an outfit that follows your schedule

    In our ever-running lives, us ladies have it especially difficult when managing to always look the part. Bringing the kids to school, having an important meeting at work, going grocery shopping then having dinner with friends is a hard task to manage. We are usually out of time, or have only 10 minutes to get ready for the next appointment, so changing outfits 3-4 times a day is absolutely not in question.

    So how could we still manage? The key here is variability, or the art of ‘dressing it up and dressing it down’. This, of course only works with clothing items, that are comfortable, elegant and have that certain style, which makes them look good with heels and also with trainers.


    1. Pick an outfit that is suitable for the weather

    This is self-explanatory, on hot summer days, choose lighter colours, shorter sleeves and loose cuts, whereas on chilly autumn mornings, opt for thicker materials and combine them with a jacket or cardigan.


    1. Dress for your first ‘role’

    If you work in an office, and go there straight in the morning, this look should be in focus, when you are getting ready. Do you have a strict dress code? Follow it, by dressing elegantly in a LBD or a black skirt and a plain shirt.


    1. Add your touch of style

    It is very important to feel good about your look, so don’t be afraid to style it a little! Add a single colourful belt to a monochrome outfit, or wear metallic accessories to create a highlight.


    1. Have your variation at hand

    If you are going to a casual meet up after office hours, change your heels to sneakers and wear your favourite dress with these comfortable flats! If you like, you can still be elegant by choosing ballerina shoes, which will also look good with a dress or skirt.


    Key is always to have this flexibility and freedom, when choosing your wardrobe. This is why we at Enemy in the Wardrobe create the most diverse pieces that can be a lifesaver for every workingwoman.

    The LBD – everything you need to know about this fashion Jolly Joker

    The LBD – everything you need to know about this fashion Jolly Joker

    This jolly joker item is most probably the one in fashion the most articles have been written about. We can also not skip it moreover it is a must as our brands, Enemy in the Wardrobe’s foundation is the LBD.

    In this article we are focusing on one of the favourite key elements of a woman’s wardrobe: the little black dress. One thing is for sure: the LBD is a multifunctional piece that has come a long way.

    For a long time, black dresses were associated with mourning and were only worn, when needed. However, in the 1920s the iconic fashion designer, Coco Chanel reinvented the little black dress as a stylish item, any woman can wear. This was the first step towards its success. By the 1930s it became famous and was worn by dancers on stage, in any style and variation. The LBD got quickly also popular in Hollywood, as it looked good on the big screen. In fact, the concept of the dress suitable for day and evening did become both basic foundation and versatile item of every woman’s wardrobe.

    Marilyn Monroe in 'Asphalt Jungle'

    Some famous actresses of the time made this piece even more iconic. The blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe wore a figure-hugging dress in Asphalt Jungle. The real breakthrough, however, was in 1961, when Audrey Hepburn appeared in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the memorable Givenchy dress.

    Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

    Since then, the LBD is a regular on the red carpet and is present in almost every woman’s wardrobe. In 2010, the term “LBD” got recognized in the Oxford dictionary and is widely used, not only in the fashion industry.

    Styling your LBD

    Of course LBDs can be various lengths, styles and shapes, which gives women the freedom to choose the ideal one for their silhouette. It can be dressed up and down also, and that is its magic.

    You can opt for a figure-enhancing, knee length style, or pick one with an A-line skirt. The perfect dress can be loose fitting or straight-cut with a boat neckline and short sleeves, or a V-neckline without sleeves.

    When choosing your dress, remember, this, too it is a key piece of your wardrobe therefore it should make you feel feminine and comfortable at the same time.

    An LBD is a perfect base for your outfit and can be combined with heels, or flats, colourful accessories and a handbag to make the look less strict or even more elegant.

    We at Enemy in the Wardrobe aim to offer every woman the style for their individual look  as we know that each of us has their ideal dress, which can be the most used item of our wardrobe.  And what would be better, than having the option of playfully adding colourful touches, accessories to it using our Moods  ribbons, belts and bracelets.

    Key elegant pieces every woman needs in their wardrobe

    Key elegant pieces every woman needs in their wardrobe

    Dressing elegantly is sometimes easier said than done. Whether you need an outfit for a long day of meeting in the office, or a look for a special event, sometimes you will find that your wardrobe has turned against you, offering a range of mixed pieces and styles, you simply cannot combine. But as with lots of other things, there is a solution, which is to have some key pieces in your wardrobe that can easily be matched to others, saving you time and stress.

    1. A crisp white shirt

    They say, you only need a few high quality clothing items, well, this is definitely one of them. A good-fitting simple white shirt is an absolute must for every woman’s wardrobe. Make sure, you find the time to look for the perfect one, do not settle for second best! Also your shirt must always be clean and neatly ironed for a polished look.


    1. A black skirt

    It might not be everyone’s ‘thing’, but a well-made black pencil skirt will save you precious minutes when deciding on your outfit. The skirt must be knee-length and should highlight your figure in a delicate way, without cutting into your flesh. For those of you, who are absolutely against the classic pencil cut, we recommend the A-line or skater variation.


    1. The LBD

    Karl Lagerfeld once said “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress” and we could not agree more. The LBD is the Jolly Joker of your wardrobe, which can be dressed up or down for various occasions. There are no strict rules when it comes to this type of dress, any shape, style and material can be the one, just make sure, you feel comfortable in it and you can wear it as much in summer as in winter. Then you are free to accessorize it with some colorful statement pieces!


    1. The perfect shoes

    We recommend owning a pair of elegant, plain shoes in black, and another pair in a nude shade to create a perfectly mix and matchable shoe collection. If you feel comfortable in heels, opt for those with a reasonable height (4 inch stilettos might not be the ideal choice), otherwise pick a pair of ballerinas, or Oxford shoes in a plain shade.


    1. A practical bag

    Every woman needs a handbag, or at least one! When choosing a bag, make sure, it is the right size (clutches and small bags are not practical for everyday use), the right colour (it matches your coat or jacket and your shoes) and that it is made of good quality materials. Authentic leather, in this case would make your bag last much longer, than its synthetic versions.


    When you have these 5 pieces, you are ready for any kind of day!

    Picture source: EW,Pinterest

    Mini holiday survival pack

    Mini holiday survival pack

    Since we have seen Bridget Jones episode one, we know that a mini holiday means “something” in a relationship.

    But I also know that that crazy question is coming up right after the euphoric feeling over the mini holiday plan: what should I pack???


    No matter how far you travel or to which continent, city or countryside the carry-on is the size you can fill up for a long weekend. Certainly you need to be prepared for every sudden weather change and program but you need stylish options.

    To showcase the stylish survival essential kit for a 3 days trip at spring (no hiking, diving, riding program planned… sorry) I collected the basic uniform/pieces that can be combined with seasonal trendy accessories.

    Lets see:

    • Black /navy blue or any darker trousers –I suggest a slim fit one or at least a straight one, which can be combined with a dress or longer knitwear piece also.
    • Jeans – the jolly-joker uniform.
    • Dress – depending your body type, around knee length is recommended. Can be the classic lbd? in case you have one which is made of a stretch material and is easy to wear, the very elegant cocktail type which is not really useful in this case. Reason is you need to pack it in a small suitcase, so it should be “take on- and go’ type.
    • 1 skirt – tricky piece as depending on the temperature you might need some “leg protection” which – please! – can not be tights, so than leggings, but then be aware of not to use to many horizontal separation of your silhouette.
    • Scarf – bright color to fresh up the basic items (useful in case you travel in a cabriolet…) and if the weather turns into cold is even more practical not just nice.
    • 4-5 tops/T-shirts – again material should be chosen carefully as they have to look perfect – almost – from the suitcase.

    • 1-2 cardigans/sweaters – to be able to combine with tops in color,
    • 1 coat – depending on the forecasted weather – my favorite is denim jacket or leather, if colder, windier days are coming the trench is for sure a must.
    • 1 hat – spring sun is already to be considered for skin protection and anyway makes your look special.
    • 2 shoes – flat sneakers, the elegant or show-off one and a flat “elegant & comfortable” type patent or shiny ballerina, loafer, oxford shoe
    • 1 umbrella
    • 2 hand bags and some shiny, trendy accessories.


    And don not forget to keep a small place in the luggage for vacation shopping, but I do not think that you will need anything else…

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