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Erika spent 20 years of the same mornings in front of her wardrobe just preparing herself for the day full of meetings, travelling abroad or to factory visit. One day she had enough of the selection of clothes she had of different times, styles and colors, difficultly fitting to each other, or the clothes were too small, or too long, or simply the zipper didn’t worked anymore. She looked at her husband how simply he can manage each morning with his perfectly fitting suites just combining the ties and shirts according to the day.

At that moment she realized that she wants a wardrobe without any stress in the morning, which not only simplifies her life but also gives her the same “perfect fit” feeling each time she choose one piece of cloth for the challenges of the day. As she worked as marketer and innovation director for decades at international companies, she started to develop her own project, called “My perfect wardrobe”.

She teamed up with Tina, marketing and communication expert with 20 years of international experiences to realize this project together.

Their mission is to help professional women to dress up in the morning for the entire day in perfectly fitting (smooth and comfortable fabrics with stretch) and easily manageable clothes (machine washable and travel friendly) regardless the time, the weather or the tasks they have to face during the day.

Erika Somfalvi & Tina Varga

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