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    5 ideas to speed up your morning routine

    5 ideas to speed up your morning routine

    There isn’t much more precious than those extra five minutes in bed on a weekday morning, before starting your day. However we know that getting ready for work can take up valuable minutes especially, if you put extra effort into looking your best self. We have some tips for you to get back this additional time and get ready faster, easier and still be elegant on those tired mornings.

     1. Get ready in your head the night before


    Or actually the day before. Have a look at your diary and go through your schedule mentally. Prepare what you need to bring with you, who you will have to meet with.

    2. Clever beauty routine

    Practice your everyday beauty routine and decide on a look that you want to go for on most days.

    Most people shower in the morning, but it can take up extra time before going to work. In the early hours just wash your skin and apply a cream before doing your makeup.

     3. Have a manageable wardrobe


    If all your pieces would match each other, how easy would your life be? You would not have to think much, but simply pick your favourite pair of trousers and match them with any shirt you find. Sort out your clothing items and make your wardrobe more manageable.

     4. Accessorize easily


    You don’t have to leave this step because of a lack of time. Believe us, it is possible to have a colourful range of accessories you can mix and match to your mood and outfit.

    5. Feel good about you


    When you feel feminine, elegant and beautiful, it is much easier to organize not only your mornings, but create an attracting aura around you.


    To find ideas to create your ideal practical wardrobe and stylish accessories, check our latest collection.

    Mini holiday survival pack

    Mini holiday survival pack

    Since we have seen Bridget Jones episode one, we know that a mini holiday means “something” in a relationship.

    But I also know that that crazy question is coming up right after the euphoric feeling over the mini holiday plan: what should I pack???


    No matter how far you travel or to which continent, city or countryside the carry-on is the size you can fill up for a long weekend. Certainly you need to be prepared for every sudden weather change and program but you need stylish options.

    To showcase the stylish survival essential kit for a 3 days trip at spring (no hiking, diving, riding program planned… sorry) I collected the basic uniform/pieces that can be combined with seasonal trendy accessories.

    Lets see:

    • Black /navy blue or any darker trousers –I suggest a slim fit one or at least a straight one, which can be combined with a dress or longer knitwear piece also.
    • Jeans – the jolly-joker uniform.
    • Dress – depending your body type, around knee length is recommended. Can be the classic lbd? in case you have one which is made of a stretch material and is easy to wear, the very elegant cocktail type which is not really useful in this case. Reason is you need to pack it in a small suitcase, so it should be “take on- and go’ type.
    • 1 skirt – tricky piece as depending on the temperature you might need some “leg protection” which – please! – can not be tights, so than leggings, but then be aware of not to use to many horizontal separation of your silhouette.
    • Scarf – bright color to fresh up the basic items (useful in case you travel in a cabriolet…) and if the weather turns into cold is even more practical not just nice.
    • 4-5 tops/T-shirts – again material should be chosen carefully as they have to look perfect – almost – from the suitcase.

    • 1-2 cardigans/sweaters – to be able to combine with tops in color,
    • 1 coat – depending on the forecasted weather – my favorite is denim jacket or leather, if colder, windier days are coming the trench is for sure a must.
    • 1 hat – spring sun is already to be considered for skin protection and anyway makes your look special.
    • 2 shoes – flat sneakers, the elegant or show-off one and a flat “elegant & comfortable” type patent or shiny ballerina, loafer, oxford shoe
    • 1 umbrella
    • 2 hand bags and some shiny, trendy accessories.


    And don not forget to keep a small place in the luggage for vacation shopping, but I do not think that you will need anything else…