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    Tips by Enemy in the Wardrobe — capsule wardrobe

    The slow fashion concept and how to follow it

    The slow fashion concept and how to follow it

    The idea of slow fashion is not only a contemporary trend that is taking over the world, but a solution to a real-life social problem that affects each and every one of us. Nowadays we live in a society that pushes information to our brain 24 hours a day and urges us to buy, keep up and collect. This phenomenon, when we talk about the fashion industry, is called fast fashion: trends that change every season, clothing and accessories that are available affordable but low quality and therefore end up in the trash in no time.

    When shopping for that perfect little black dress for example, how many of us do actually think about where that dress was made? Who had to put energy and work into producing and selling that dress to us? It is understandable that we automatically look at the price tag and find less expensive pieces more appealing, but do we actually think about who has to pay that little extra we saved? The problem with fast fashion is that it is pushing workers (garment technologists, people working in factories) to produce more for a much lower income. A lot of times they offer their lives for the 5-8 Euro t-shirt we pick up from the shelf and wear approximately five times. So what is the solution?

    The solution to fix this global issue is to adapt ourselves to buying more thoughtfully. When looking at a possible new garment, look at the tag: the tag shows you everything you need to know about the product, just like ingredient labels on food. It shows where that item was produced, what materials were used to produce it and from that you can easily tell if the work that has been put into it was paid fairly or not.

    Due to statistics, women only wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time. Which means, most items just hang there sometimes still with the label on. If you start dressing mindfully, you will find that you only buy clothes you actually like and wear.


    Step 1

    Know your style and only go for garments that fit you perfectly. Don’t make any compromises; the perfect items will highlight your shape perfectly.


    Step 2

    Buy key pieces you can mix and match. After doing a full wardrobe cleanout, decide what you will need (a white shirt, basic trousers, a little black dress etc.). Write a list and follow it when shopping.


    Step 3

    Support local designers. Go for dresses produced in your area, for example in Europe by designers who understand this concept and are following the mindset of minimalism and you can contact them with questions and get detailed answers on sourcing and their whole supply chain is transparent.


    Step 4

    Use what you have in many new ways. High quality clothes are also durable and will support you for many many years, so make sure you get creative! Accessorize them in new ways; be playful according to your mood and style.


    We at Enemy in the Wardrobe feel very much dedicated to the slow fashion concept and create pieces that are especially made for your taste. Have a look at our online store and start building your capsule wardrobe now!