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Mini holiday survival pack

by EW Group on May 16, 2017

Since we have seen Bridget Jones episode one, we know that a mini holiday means “something” in a relationship.

But I also know that that crazy question is coming up right after the euphoric feeling over the mini holiday plan: what should I pack???


No matter how far you travel or to which continent, city or countryside the carry-on is the size you can fill up for a long weekend. Certainly you need to be prepared for every sudden weather change and program but you need stylish options.

To showcase the stylish survival essential kit for a 3 days trip at spring (no hiking, diving, riding program planned… sorry) I collected the basic uniform/pieces that can be combined with seasonal trendy accessories.

Lets see:

  • Black /navy blue or any darker trousers –I suggest a slim fit one or at least a straight one, which can be combined with a dress or longer knitwear piece also.
  • Jeans – the jolly-joker uniform.
  • Dress – depending your body type, around knee length is recommended. Can be the classic lbd? in case you have one which is made of a stretch material and is easy to wear, the very elegant cocktail type which is not really useful in this case. Reason is you need to pack it in a small suitcase, so it should be “take on- and go’ type.
  • 1 skirt – tricky piece as depending on the temperature you might need some “leg protection” which – please! – can not be tights, so than leggings, but then be aware of not to use to many horizontal separation of your silhouette.
  • Scarf – bright color to fresh up the basic items (useful in case you travel in a cabriolet…) and if the weather turns into cold is even more practical not just nice.
  • 4-5 tops/T-shirts – again material should be chosen carefully as they have to look perfect – almost – from the suitcase.

  • 1-2 cardigans/sweaters – to be able to combine with tops in color,
  • 1 coat – depending on the forecasted weather – my favorite is denim jacket or leather, if colder, windier days are coming the trench is for sure a must.
  • 1 hat – spring sun is already to be considered for skin protection and anyway makes your look special.
  • 2 shoes – flat sneakers, the elegant or show-off one and a flat “elegant & comfortable” type patent or shiny ballerina, loafer, oxford shoe
  • 1 umbrella
  • 2 hand bags and some shiny, trendy accessories.


And don not forget to keep a small place in the luggage for vacation shopping, but I do not think that you will need anything else…

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