‘SLOW FASHION’ — a conscious consumption idea

Some years ago people finally realized how the planet is in danger and therefore new initiatives have been launched towards more sustainable solutions. Fashion industry is producing tons of trash due to the fast fashion demand that rang the bells to immediately review the production and rethink the consumption of fashion articles.

Slow fashion was born to call attention to ill-considered and limitless consumption of goods. The idea behind is ‘to buy less and better’ which means to buy less articles, that you really need and to buy better quality goods, that last for a longer period of time.

Slow fashion is not only a philosophy, it actively contributes to reviewing our ways of purchasing goods, finding pleasure again in selecting and acquiring articles and also seeing people behind the brands. Slow fashion is a more personal, human approach that is about inspiration, respect and pleasure that values both the consumer and the producer.

Next to generating values, the outcome is that the planet has to reduce fashion consumption. Therefore Capsule Wardrobe concept is the right approach to build a more conscious closet, in which you can find all you like and need with respect to the Planet and to your pocket.

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