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    Enemy in the Wardrobe offers a unique selection of accessories called The Moods that contains decorative ribbons for the clothes as well as assorted bracelets and belts for further customization of the outfit.

    The Moods Selection was inspired by the active woman, who has to manage several different situations during the day from her workplace to going outs in the night probably in the same outfit.

    Thanks to The Moods Selection, the outfit can be personalized in just one second by changing the accessories on the garment giving a completely different mood to the final outfit.

    The Moods Selection are 100% handmade of premium quality, fine leather and are decorated with a special, luxury branded golden snap system.

    The Moods Ribbons are fixed with these luxury snaps on the shoulders or sleeves of the garments and can be easily removed and changed to another color.

    The Moods Bracelets and The Moods Belts can be worn separately as well but will give an additional customized touch to your outfit combined in colors and numbers of your choice.

    Thanks to this special snap system used for all accessories, these elements can be combined and fixed together in an endless way. In such a way you can wear one or more Moods Bracelets in one at the same time or one or several Moods Belts according to the occasion or your mood.

    Enemy in the Wardrobe with The Moods Selection is a versatile, practical yet stylish collection of clothes thanks to its premium quality materials and finishing and customizable feature that you can count on any day, any time.