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    Enemy in the Wardrobe is a premium upper-clothes collection of redesigned iconic basics for women with a unique and exclusive feature of customization.

    As the concept is to create such pieces of a woman’s wardrobe that anyone can count on anytime any day, therefore we put lots of emphasis on the selection of the fabrics as well as on the finishing of each detail. The garments should represent a solid part of your wardrobe in this World led by fast fashion to be really the enemy of those quickly changing items in your closet.


    Our aim is to create garments that last for several years, not just for a short season. Not only because they have classic cuts, shapes and endless combination possibility using The Moods Selection accessories but also the quality of the materials and the way of production, the details are done with thoroughness. Clothes are without lining for further comfort therefore the suturing is covered with fine ribbons to prolong the longevity of the dresses.


    The accessories, such as the EW snaps and the decorative rivets are made of massive, luxury materials. The EW snaps have a special closing system, therefore even the lower part of the snap looks like a rivet, making the dress always looking good.

    The leather accessories The Moods Selection items are 100% handmade manufactured with lot of experience and care.