If you have a set up a capsule closet it is nice but keeping it up in the grey normal days it is sometimes hard.

Good to know how to add any item to the well working system:

How to add a new garment to your Capsule Wardrobe?

If you arrived to the step when you have a final CW set an obvious question arises: what’s next? How can I add any new item to the well structured coordinating system?

If you have a CW it does not mean that you can not shop. It only means that you have to shop keeping in mind the following ‘rules’:

1. Does it fit to my body shape and colours?

2. Does it have the quality to fit in a Capsule Wardrobe?

3. How may outfits can I create using the new garment?

4. Is the caring of the garment easy - at home, normal low temperature washing?

5. How many seasons in the year can I use it? Is it just for summer or for all year?

6. Do I have any similar  - colour, cut - which I already use for the outfits I planned this to use?

outfit variantions for skirt and dress in capsule wardrobe

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