A weekend long treatment for ourselves?  Enjoy the 3 day long special weekend-30% SALE and choose from our capsule wardrobe garments!🛍

Find your essentials as dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, tops, shirts, coats, jackets, scarves or pants! Even our bags are included in the sale!⚡️

Use code at checkout: WMND#30

EW Womens' Day SALE:  March 6th - 9th, 2021 (CET) The Moods System Belts, Bracelets and Ribbons are not included in the sale.

Happy Women's day🌺 SALE (83)

The Moods Bag "Super Agent" - caramel brown

79.000 Ft

The Göteborg scarf- petrol blue

6.600 Ft10.500 Ft

The Göteborg scarf- navy blue

6.600 Ft10.500 Ft

The EW Backpack - black

48.000 Ft

The Göteborg scarf- fuchsia

6.600 Ft10.500 Ft

The Moods Bag "Confidently bright"

43.000 Ft

The Patan cashmere-silk scarf - royal blue

27.500 Ft48.000 Ft

The Moods Bag "Sensitive mind"-medium nude

43.000 Ft

The EW Tote bag- black

48.000 Ft
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