We are a proud #mombusiness so this is the day when we can not forget to think about other Moms to be celebrated and spoiled a bit:)

Do you miss something from your capsule wardrobe to be perfect at every moment with or without kids?

Now it is time to discover what you need.

Enjoy the -21% SALE on dresses, skirts, coats, jackets, pants, tops, shirts, scarves and bags- use code at checkout: Mday#21EW

And do not forget if you need any help to be sure please contact us at support@einthew.com

Happy Mother's Day🌸💕 SALE (70)

The Madrid Dress

39.900 Ft

The EW Backpack - black

48.000 Ft

The Paris Skirt

31.000 Ft

The EW bag strap - black&white

7.000 Ft

The Rome Top - sleeveless

10.320 Ft12.900 Ft

The Moods Bag "Confidently bright"

43.000 Ft

The Patan cashmere-silk scarf - royal blue

48.000 Ft

The Stockholm Coat - trench

68.000 Ft72.000 Ft

The Copenhagen cardigan

26.900 Ft
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