Now it's time to think about #capsulewardrobe.

If you just sorted out your wardrobe during the quarantine and tried all your garments on, it 's time to start with the a more green fashion consumption🌿


Find your Wardrobe essentials👗 (59)

The Siena Shirt

34.500 Ft

The Bern Shirt - V neckline

22.500 Ft

The Basel Shirt

15.000 Ft19.000 Ft

The Madrid Shirt

24.000 Ft29.000 Ft

The Venice Shirt

25.000 Ft

The Bern Shirt - boat neckline

22.500 Ft

The Berlin Tunic

27.000 Ft35.900 Ft

The Padova Shirt

23.990 Ft29.000 Ft

The Rome Top - long sleeve

14.900 Ft
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