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Where is the enemy in your wardrobe?

by EW Group on April 19, 2017

Actually the born of Enemy in the wardrobe brand, or originally the idea is coming from a long-long demand to have a place where we can with 100% trust choose an item for almost any life occasion, place, event.

I had enough of hunting the perfect dress, shape, quality material that at least 30x lasts longer than fast fashion garbage, and is not a copy of any luxury brand.

I need clothes that are interchangeable, reliable; from quality material made under safe working conditions and is able to serve several seasons and occasions. And not at least at all it can be personalized and combined that gives the illusion that I have a stylish and unique up-to-date wardrobe.

Sounds good I know, but as we did not find we created it: so Enemy in the Wardrobe is a premium upper-clothes collection of redesigned iconic basics for women with a unique and exclusive feature of customization. Huhh, yes, it really works!

For women, mothers, businesswomen, girls to fulfill a desire to clean out everything from the wardrobe which is not good enough for those who wants to feel in a couple of minutes perfectly fitted every day in their clothes.

Why enemy? It is also the though which was continuously in our mind what we see most of the time on women around the world: the clothes that are not supporting our individuality, shape, and life - are just simply wrong ones.

Because they are just not right for us: too small, wrong color, size, silhouette. It doesn’t matter if it is in this season in style or you can see – this even worse as you will be part of a mass just – on every second girl if it is not enhancing my body, colors, my style, my age – it is a perfect enemy for me. They can make us look shorter, older, fatter or even too thin, sad, pale… They do not make us confident, elegant and appropriate for any occasion.

So fill it up with the basics from ‘Enemy in the Wardrobe’ pieces and they will be from that moment really the enemies of the items before as you will never wear them again.

It should not be lots of items -  as do not forget we have the versatility of the Moods Collection which can be put on the items in the craziest colors you just need - capsule wardrobe and minimalism is in and is really useful and makes our like easier not to mention more conscious.

Take time to find out what is the right shape, size, color, cut for you and build your wardrobe to have reliable and stylish pieces.


Enemy in the Wardrobe is designed and made in Europe, under safe working conditions from quality materials.



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