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    Desk til dawn – an outfit that follows your schedule

    Desk til dawn – an outfit that follows your schedule

    In our ever-running lives, us ladies have it especially difficult when managing to always look the part. Bringing the kids to school, having an important meeting at work, going grocery shopping then having dinner with friends is a hard task to manage. We are usually out of time, or have only 10 minutes to get ready for the next appointment, so changing outfits 3-4 times a day is absolutely not in question.

    So how could we still manage? The key here is variability, or the art of ‘dressing it up and dressing it down’. This, of course only works with clothing items, that are comfortable, elegant and have that certain style, which makes them look good with heels and also with trainers.


    1. Pick an outfit that is suitable for the weather

    This is self-explanatory, on hot summer days, choose lighter colours, shorter sleeves and loose cuts, whereas on chilly autumn mornings, opt for thicker materials and combine them with a jacket or cardigan.


    1. Dress for your first ‘role’

    If you work in an office, and go there straight in the morning, this look should be in focus, when you are getting ready. Do you have a strict dress code? Follow it, by dressing elegantly in a LBD or a black skirt and a plain shirt.


    1. Add your touch of style

    It is very important to feel good about your look, so don’t be afraid to style it a little! Add a single colourful belt to a monochrome outfit, or wear metallic accessories to create a highlight.


    1. Have your variation at hand

    If you are going to a casual meet up after office hours, change your heels to sneakers and wear your favourite dress with these comfortable flats! If you like, you can still be elegant by choosing ballerina shoes, which will also look good with a dress or skirt.


    Key is always to have this flexibility and freedom, when choosing your wardrobe. This is why we at Enemy in the Wardrobe create the most diverse pieces that can be a lifesaver for every workingwoman.